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Ashville Area Heritage Society
34 Long Street

Ashville, Ohio 43103

Phone: 740-983-9864

Email:  aahs@ohiosmalltownmuseum.org

Regular Hours:
Tuesday-Friday - 10am - 3pm

Saturday: 9am -12 noon

Sunday and Monday: Closed
Closed Saturdays - November 1st through March 31st



This website was the original website created for the village of Ashville, Ohio and used for __ years until the village had a “.gov” site created; www.ashvilleohio.gov. Both sites are developed to complement each other and have links to each other.

Ohio’s Small Town Museum Facebook  

Bob Hines continually updates our Facebook with a lot of information and special events.  Visit often!


The official website for the village of Ashville, Ohio

More links to be added

Ted Lewis Museum in Circleville Facebook