Ashville High School

Alumni Picture Project


We are making an effort to get pictures of all the old Ashville Alumni pictures in the museum

and make them available online.  It will take some time so be patient.


For a small donation to the museum we can be persuaded to do the following:

1. Set YOUR favorite year (that exists in our inventory) as a priority and expedite its pictures being taken and made available . 
2. We can also get any particular person (that exists in our inventory), get a picture and email it to you.

Any donation would be a tax-deductible since we are a 501(c) 3 organization.


Beginning Example:

Click on the year(s) below


Please note that if the shift button is held down as you click on the year link

below, it will automatically open the link into a new window making it easy to view.





Ashville Alumni List of Names 1896 - 1962


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